Hi, I'm Erin!

I’m a marketing and communications strategist & manager, and I love my work. But before I dive into that, let me tell you a little bit about how I got here. 

I’ve always been passionate about …

Growing up, I dreamt of becoming a journalist. However, when I started college in 2005, journalism was on the brink of massive disruption, so I chose to study political science instead. 

I feel deeply engaged when I’m considering the complex systems that govern our world, so studying political science and its related fields and subfields came naturally to me.

“The desire to write is like an affliction, which you’re either born with or you’re not.”​

As I was entering my career, the democratization of publishing, the rise of online brand storytelling and content marketing was flourishing. Thanks to the web, everyone with an internet connection had access to a platform and a tremendous opportunity. I instantly knew this was the space in which I wanted to work. It was cutting-edge, ever-evolving, and  incredibly powerful for sharing ideas and information.

When it comes down to it, products and services are just ideas, so by understanding marketing & communications strategy, one understands how to spread ideas, which is what I always wanted to accomplish by writing, anyways. 

So while writing originally brought me to marketing & communications, the impact it can have is what keeps me here. It’s another lens through which I can look at the world.

Researching topics in science and ecology, the American West, regenerative agriculture, economics and finance, tech, psychology, health, and more consumes a lot of my free time. My curiosity is boundless and I particularly enjoy learning from primary sources. 

I also love to be in the kitchen and outside. In 2013, I took a NOLS course, where I spent 30 life-changing days immersed in the Alaskan wilderness. This intimate experience with living so deliberately in nature stirred something deep inside me that continues to guide me. 

My experience in Alaska led me to avidly pursue rock climbing, which has now taken me to some of the most inspiring places in North America. My partner and I even converted a van into a very tiny dwelling so we could dedicate ourselves to traveling and climbing full time. 

Notably, I recently had a transformational awakening around my disconnected, Western diet after studying Masanobu Fukuoka. I’m committed to sourcing locally grown food and supporting regenerative and indigenous agricultural practices. 

I believe that restoring topsoil, preserving native habitat and eating food from nearby are the most overlooked aspects of reducing the rate and intensity of human-caused climate change. As I continue on this journey, I fall more humbly and deeply in love with all that nature provides.

Above all, I continually seek to live a life which allows me to contemplate the Great Way, the path of spiritual awareness which involves attentiveness to and care for the ordinary activities of daily life.